Aug 282020

The original goal of my month-long Deep Fried Neurons project was “30 sounds, one per day”, an exploration into making sounds with Eurorack gear that doesn’t use sequencers or keyboards. While I only created 15 sounds so far (I’ll still do all 30 I think), I’ve been increasingly using some home-built modules like my TrinketTrigger and TrinketTouringMachine, and that’s given me ideas.

So for my next month project, I’m going to design and build a production-ready module that expands on what I’ve learned. It will be a better “Touring Machine” algorithmic melody generator that builds on the TrinketTouringMachine, but offers proper modular synth signal in/out and additional control knobs. It’s also a platform for getting over my reluctance to designing opamp circuits, something I was okay at once many years ago. I’ve got the start of a design based on an ItsyBitsy M4 and will be prototyping next week.

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