Aug 212020

I’ve been playing more with algorithmic melody generation by working on my own module I’ve been calling the “Trinket Touring Machine“. Like my previously-mentioned “Trinket Trigger“, this one uses a Trinket M0 running CircuitPython. Initial experiments were in Arduino using the Mozzi audio synthesis library, which totally worked, but CircuitPython is much faster to develop in, especially when you’re trying to discover what the UI should be.

My original intent for this Touring Machine module was to make a CircuitPython-based version of Music Thing Modular’s wonderful “Turing Machine”, which is essentially a clever shift-register circuit hooked up to a DAC (no microcontroller!), with an adjustable noise generator for randomness. But my module has gone a bit more melodic, having the concept of scales and root notes. It’s pretty fun, but I know now the two knobs and one button UI is too limiting for what I’m envisioning. So time for Touring Machine Mk2!

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