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snarky cat

Jed, aka “JedJedJed”, “Jedders”, “Jedbutt”, “Little Wacko” died today after living approximately 15 years. He died quietly in his home with me at his side.

He had lymphoma that ate up his back leg joint and alimentary canal. It was so frustrating, for both me and him, to see his body failing when his mind was still so alert and active. Why don’t we have mind uploads yet? Why no restore from backup? The world of atoms sucks sometimes.

I got Jed from the Pasadena Human Society sometime in 1994 (or maybe ’93). He was ~2 years old then. I was there somewhat on a lark. There was a big ginger colored cat I fancied, but while idly looking through the other cages, this skinny, kinda scroungy-looking mutt cat, stuck his arms through his cage to pat at my face, purring so loud I was surprised he wasn’t deaf. No ginger cat for me. Instead, Jed.

When I first brought him home he loved to jump up on me, wanting to be high up and look around. One house I lived in, the 2nd floor bathroom window opened onto a small gable. He loved to sit out there on the gable’s tip, like some fuzzy gargoyle, getting tormented by the birds sitting mere feet away in the tree. He was so curious, and always playful. Even in his declining years we’d chase each other around the house: first my turn, then his. And while I’m not sure if he enjoyed it, he certainly tolerated me pushing him around on a skateboard.

He yearned to go outside, but would never venture farther than the backyard. If I ever couldn’t find him, all I’d have to do is call his name and he’d come running. So I’d leave the back door open when I was home for him to come and go as he pleased. Inside he was a good clock, tracking the sun’s position with quarter hour accuracy to ensure he got his solar cells maximally charged. As the sun left, he could be found on his cat tree that abutted a window, lazily watching the world go by.

I’ll miss his PermaPurr, so loud it was sometimes hard to think if he was nearby. I’ll miss how he’d meet me at the door when I’d come home. If he was lounging and I said his name once, he’d meow and wag his tail in response. Pinging my own kitty sonar. But if I called “jed-jed-jed”, he’d get up and come over to me, purring like a buzzsaw. He loved to talk, but only if others were talking in the same room. When it was just me working on my computer, he’d quietly come lay next to me.

He loved to play in water, trying to get into the shower with me or stick his head and paws under running taps. Or try to steal sips of my water glass. He really liked spicy food and would wait patiently for me to put my plate on the floor so he could finish off the really spicy marinara I make or the occasional Rick’s burrito.

jed stoned (not really)

He loved to be picked up (getting high again) and would ride on my shoulder as long as I could take his nails poking me. Once he found where my studio/lab was, he’d sneakily come visit me, scaring me half to death when I lean back and stick my feet into an unexpected furry purry bag. If you stood by his food bowl, he was obliged to start eating immediately, even if he wasn’t hungry. He was a little odd. His seemingly overlarge ears and eyes made him look like a little alien. His fur consisted of a downy undercoat and coarse outer coat, making him appear disheveled, like he just woke up. He had a skinny tail that seemed out of proportion with his body. A strange looking cat.

jed, legs detached

Jed was a real dot-com kitty. He arrived right as I started working on the web and left not long after I left it. Perhaps appropriately, he used the first several issues of Wired magazine as a scratching post.

Jed was such a good cat, a constant and friendly companion for over 13 years. Always a source of entertainment and a good sport for all the teasing I gave him.

I’ll miss him. Goodbye Jed.

jed, by souris

jed and tod, his last sunday, outside

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  1. I left a message about my beloved Jed on August 13, 2008 – have found out on October 21, 2008 that my boy has acromegaly and this caused his diabetes! He has pranic healings and the best palliative care, but I hate seeing him not as active. Our babys will wait for us all in Heaven, where we’ll be reunited!! God bless our furry feline friends!!

  2. Looking around for arduino tutorials, I found this post. Reminded me of the multiple cats I had around the house as I grew up. Each one of them had their own personalities which I am fondly reminded of as I read your post about Jed. Thanks!

  3. I too have a best friend called Jed. He’s 12, black and has diabetes. I fret for my baby as I love him more than anything, and empathise with your pain at your loss. I hope you find another buddy, while he’ll never replace Jed, will fill the void in your heart. God bless you and all our beloved cat friends.

  4. Todd- Looking for something online and found your blog which brought tears to my eyes. I too, have a friend who is almost identical to your Jed. Her name is Eekie who came to me 15 years ago as a kitten when a neighbor moved and left her behind. She couldn’t meow, only ‘eek’ which is how she layed claim to her name. For a time she had the freedom to come in or stay out but as she aged,she was not as fast as she used to be and seemed to take pleasure in dashing in front of cars scaring drivers and neighbors who witnessed her daring feats so I’ve retired her to indoors for whatever remains of her life. She still appears healthy, (luckily for both of us) enjoys her daily routine, part of which includes watching a few neighborhood pets come and go, strolling through the yard, ocasionally spotting her on the window ledge of the large living room picture window. I’ve never been without a cat in my life and hope you’ve seen fit to acquire another for a companion since so many need homes at shelters across our country. Too many animals outnumber the caring homes they deserve as God’s creatures. Good luck to you in finding another to equal your beloved Jed

  5. Sorry for your loss. He sounds like an excellent cat. This is one of life’s most painful experiences.

  6. you are the best kind of kitty daddy. jedjedjed was lucky to have you as his person.

    this resonates particularly right now.

    being a bad reader-of-blogs, i heard the news of jed after i saw you in san francisco for mike’s wedding. the same kind of cancer is taking raider, my dad’s dog and a retired racing greyhound, out of the game long before he should have to go. you remind me of all the things i need to remember about that cute, goofy, damn raider who always gooses me when i wear a skirt. oh raider. oh jed.

  7. Not everyone understands that the animals commonly regarded as pets by some, are regarded as close friends by others.
    When they leave it’s painful, just as it should be.

    One of my cat spends hours sitting next to me as I while away the hours tinkering. I’ll be gutted when she leaves.

    My advice is to go adopt another kitten, fill the whole.

  8. I’m so sorry to read about your loss. You cat sounded like a great friend.

  9. It sounds like you spent some good time with Jed. Hope you find that again.

  10. Oh no. Tod, I’m so sorry. Maybe Jed was part Cornish Rex with those big ears and eyes. Also, Cornish Rexes are very loving and behave a lot like dogs. I learned of this breed because was one of the first few web sites on the Yahoo! Publisher Network. :) Happy birthday! xoxo, Eileen

  11. hey todd, i’m sorry about your loss. jed’s free from the suffering. such a fortunate cat he was, to have a friend in you; and, from what you’ve described, it surely was also the case the other way around.

  12. i know he was happy to spend most of his 9 lives with you. :(

  13. Sounds like he lived a good life with you. What a sweetie. My kitty Kazoo & I send our condolences. xo

  14. tod, i hope someday someone will write something this beautiful for me. i’m glad you both had each other. jed was a great best buddy and i’m happy i got to meet him!

  15. Goodbye, Jed. You made me sneeze, but entertained me, anyway. Tod, you take care, too.

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