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The Sketching in Hardware ’08 conference was held at RISD in Providence, Rhode Island this year. Both RISD and Providence were very welcoming and I think we had a lot of fun. Once again, Mike pulls off an awesome conference.

For my talk, since I didn’t have one big thing I’ve been working on this last year, I decided to shotgun blast a bunch of different topics out there, arranged roughly on the topics:
– Good Hardware APIs – about the evolution of BlinkM’s layout,
– USB not on Rails – an update to a previous Sketching talk of mine, and
– From 2D to 3D – experiments in 3D shapes from 2D lasercutter output

The PDF of my talk with notes:
sketching08-talk-todekurt.pdf (5.8MB PDF)

And some screencaps of a few of the slides:

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  1. I have used the Arduino for many projects myself. I have even built a ball-balancing robot. It is a robot that balances on a basketball. I had built it for my senior design project. If anyone is looking for ideas of what to build with their Arduino, check this out: http://jeroenwaning.blogspot.com/

  2. […] My good friend Tod Kurt had done a lot of experimentation in this area, which you can read about in his slides for a Sketching Conference talk entitled From 2D -> 3D. […]

  3. Hi Jim,

    Thanks! But, nope, we didn’t record any audio or video. Mike will be putting the other speakers’ slides up on the Sketching08.com site at some point. If you have any questions about my stuff, feel free to let me know.

  4. Hi Tod,

    The slides of your talk look really interesting. Would you have a recording of your talk as a podcast (mp3 or video)? And, will other talks from Sketching in Hardware 08 be available as podcasts (mp3 or video), and or slides?


  5. […] Tod E Kurt of ThingM, the “ubiquitous computing device studio” has posted the slides for a talk he gave at the intrigueingly titled Sketching in Hardware ‘08 conference that was held at RISD in Providence, Rhode Island this year. […]

  6. […] found an interesting presentation today from the “Sketching in Hardware ‘08″ conference, something of which […]

  7. […] Via Todbot blog […]

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