Converting Pixel Art for Matrix Portal

“The spice must flow”

I tried my hand at pixel art and discovered I cannot do it. But I wanted to honor Justin in a pixel arty way, so I instead tried my hand at converting some of his pixel art for display on a 32×64 RGB LED matrix driven by a Matrix Portal driving. This wasn’t so easy. First, scaling down the already abstracted ~250×250 pixel images to something around 32×64 doesn’t look right if you use normal resize techniques: the results are too fuzzy. Thankfully ImageMagick has an “–adaptive-resize” option that preserves the sharp color transitions of pixel art. Secondly, most of his art was relatively 1:1 square in proportion but the LED matrix is a 2:1. This means some editorial cropping of the images to keep the most salient parts visible. Not an easy task when every pixel counts. I hope I did them justice.

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