Using MaxM with flexible RGB tape

A single BlinkM MaxM can easily drive a 5 meter (16 ft) roll of the flexible RGB SMD LED tape that’s used for architectural lighting. Each roll contains 150 RGB LEDs.

maxm rgb led tape

Each LED in the tape is a SMD RGB "5050" LED, capable of putting out about 6000mcd. The spacing between LEDs is 3.3cm (~1.25").

Every 3 LEDs is a cut mark with solder tabs so you can cut or join pieces of tape.

Max current for a 5m roll is about 1.9 Amps. I did a quick test of MaxM driving three rolls at about 6A and it seemed fine.

This stuff is really cool. I’ve been buying it from this really great seller on ebay named "sunnytech".

Here’s what you can do with it. Each of the 15 sections contains between 1 and 3 rolls of the tape.

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  1. Hi,

    This is very good info but I want to make certain I understand something in particular. Are you saying that you drove 3 of these rolls from 1 MaxM at about 6.0 amps? I would love to try this but that seems to exceed the specs of the MaxM by 3 times. Did you do any further testing or examination of components? I’m hoping that the datasheet is simply being overly paranoid or that I’ve misread it but more info would be great before I build this into a product to be used in a work scenario.

    Thanks for your time.


  2. Powering the flexible RGB LED tape? They are designed for a 12V DC power source. That’s what I have plugged into MaxM in the above pic. The amount of current drawn depends on the length of tape you are driving.

    If you are talking a MaxM with its Blaster LED board installed instead, then that can be powered either with a 5V DC source (off the 4-pin header) or from a 7-12V DC source (from the barrel connector). A MaxM with Blaster board draws around 250mA.

  3. Do you happen to know the minimum amperage required to power these? Am at my desk now trying to drive a short set of these with 9v and 500mA. No go yet.

    Hey, also wanted to say that your work is great. Here I am seeking support again, but your stuff has been a ton of fun to play with.

    Thank you,


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