Feb 272006

I just received my quicky non-business business cards. That makes them calling cards, I guess, and when I get more time I’d like to get really nice simple letterpress ones, with some sort of sumptuous paper.

These quicky cards are from some place I found on the Net, clickbusinesscards.com. Use their little web design GUI for 10 minutes, insert 35 bucks via Visa and I had cards being shipped to me. I get them in a matter of days, but when I look at the Fedex tracking info (aka “travel blog” ), I see the cards came all the way from Australia! Across the Pacific! Through customs! Into Tennesee?

bizcard travel blog

We live in a strange wonderful world where it’s cost-effective to have business cards made on the other side of the world.

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  1. The business cards were a buck, the shipping 34! Good thing you didnt get slapped with a duty tax.

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