SOAP to REST converter?

Has anyone made a converter that converts SOAP servers to REST?
Perhaps you specify a converter, with the query args you want to use
to then fill in the SOAP query, and an XSLT for output. This could be

Does this exist?

Why I want it: I imagine a large universe of simple clients,
either by virtue of their capabilities (no RAM) or their programmers
(SOAP can be needlessly complex),
which cannot do SOAP. But everyone can do REST.

Rant by an old programmer

(as I attend Etech04, I realize that this group is fairly free of the
buzzword crap that’s in the ‘real’ software engineering space.
The following is a rant by a hypothetical old programmer.
Not me of course, some of my best friends write SOAP-based web services
in Java)

“J2EE, WSDL, SOAP, .NET : je-zus.
Stop following the herd for once and actually think
a little about the latest fad-standard you’re drooling over. Most likely
it sucks and you’re just too clueless to realize it.”

“Repeat after me nitwit: ‘SOAP is just RPC. SOAP is just RPC.’
You say it’s not? Show me.”

“‘Debugging SOAP transactions’!!! Hah, waddya mean you can’t use ‘telnet’!??! What a bunch of wankers.”

“Write once, debug everywhere, works well no where. Stupid Java flaks.”

“You can’t spell grift without J.2.E.E.”

“You like pair programming? Fine, I got a pair right here