Rant by an old programmer

(as I attend Etech04, I realize that this group is fairly free of the
buzzword crap that’s in the ‘real’ software engineering space.
The following is a rant by a hypothetical old programmer.
Not me of course, some of my best friends write SOAP-based web services
in Java)

“J2EE, WSDL, SOAP, .NET : je-zus.
Stop following the herd for once and actually think
a little about the latest fad-standard you’re drooling over. Most likely
it sucks and you’re just too clueless to realize it.”

“Repeat after me nitwit: ‘SOAP is just RPC. SOAP is just RPC.’
You say it’s not? Show me.”

“‘Debugging SOAP transactions’!!! Hah, waddya mean you can’t use ‘telnet’!??! What a bunch of wankers.”

“Write once, debug everywhere, works well no where. Stupid Java flaks.”

“You can’t spell grift without J.2.E.E.”

“You like pair programming? Fine, I got a pair right here

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