More Mozzi Experiments

Over on github, I’ve been extending my experiments with the Arduino Mozzi synth library. Mostly I’ve been focussing on SAMD21 chips (QT Py M0, Trinket M0) and the RP2040 chip (QT Py RP2040, KB2040, etc) because SAMD21 support is in the official Mozzi repo and there’s a RP2040 Mozzi port.

The SAMD21 has a built-in DAC so the output circuitry can be pretty minimal. The RP2040 port is PWM like on the Arduino Uno (ATmega328).


  • eighties_dystopia – A swirling ominous wub that evolves over time (there’s also an RP2040 version)
  • eighties_dystopia_rp2040 – Same thing, but on a Raspberry Pi Pico
  • eighties_arp – An arpeggio explorer for non-musicians and test bed for my “Arpy” arpeggio library
  • derpnote2 – A sound like THX “Deep Note” with 16 saw oscillators that converge to a chord

Arpy Arpeggiator Arduino library

Inside of the “eighties_arp” directory is “Arpy.h“. This is a small arpeggiator class that has some knowledge about music theory. An example that uses this is John Park’s Arcade Synth Controller. The library’s API is purposely very simple:

void loop() {
  // read knobs, set root_note and bpm
  arp.setRootNote( root_note );
  arp.setBPM( bpm );

Some Demos

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