Nov 242007

Bionic Arduino

The final set of class notes are up for the “Bionic Arduino – Intro to microcontrollers with Arduino” class I taught at Machine Project.

Also all the examples sketches are up on the Bionic Arduino page too.

The class was a lot of fun, as we got to focus on Wii Nunchucks and Servos.


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  3 Responses to “Bionic Arduino Class notes 3 & 4”

  1. Hi Toodles,
    I’ll have a run of Wiichuck adapter boards in a couple of weeks. The ones I used for the class had layout errors that made for confusing use. I’ll post on my blog when they’re available.

  2. Where can I get (buy one or two) of those Wii ‘chuck breadboard adapters? I have a ‘chuck I’d like to play with, and was planning on wiring it to a 5 pin .1″ header connector, but that adapter would be much nicer.
    I tried checking the URL on the adapter, but isn’t coming up for me at the moment.

  3. thank you so much for the notes!

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