Dec 082006

Two updates from

First, if you’re unsure about how to get into hacking Roombas or just want some tips on how to get cheap Roombas, see the DIY Robotics with Roomba Holiday Buying Guide.

Second, if you’ve got a MacBook and a Roomba, try out this way of using the MacBook’s built-in tilt sensors and Perl to control your Roomba:

(revver link)

Full details available on the Hacking Roomba project page.

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  4 Responses to “Roomba Tilt Control and Holiday Buying Guide”

  1. hi. Todbot I really appreciated your information about Roomba. so I’ve made a Roomba Tilt Control with Accelerometer sensor. but it is not perfect. Come to my hompage and enjoy my work. and give me advise plz. thank you..

  2. […] shows you how to use your MacBook’s built-in tilt sensors and Perl to control a Roomba – Link & […]

  3. Great job! I need to build one of these. Well I guess I need to get a laptop with accelerometers first :)

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