Sep 152006

Finally got off my butt and made mp3s of the several of tracks haunting my hard drive. Mastering them to mp3s essentially means I’ve given up on doing any more development on them. But I at least wanted a record of some of the ideas.

todbot – rota.mp3

todbot – autiztek.mp3

todbot – dragweed.mp3

todbot – aboard.mp3

todbot – elucid.mp3

todbot – shard.mp3

All composition done in Live. Some instruments provided by plugins like Albino, Automat, Cameleon5000, & StylusRMX. Other instruments provided by Reason. Some samples of me on the Evolver and guitar in there too I think.

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  2 Responses to “pb-n-fun: spring cleaning collection”

  1. Sure, why not. :)

  2. is that the intended order of tracks, 1-6?

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