Jun 152004

I’ve essentially given up getting something like the DPAC Wireless module (even though Circuit Cellar has had at least two nice articles about it). However, I recently found a consumer access point that is cheaper and almost as small.

The Asus WL330 Pocket Access Point was recently
by Tom’s Hardware (I didn’t know Asus even made networking gear).

It has some interesting features:

  • Acts as AP, bridge or ethernet adapter
  • tiny: 86mm * 62mm * 17mm (3.4″x2.4″x0.7″)
  • low-ish power: 4VDC @ 1A
  • pretty darn cheap: ~$69 (and getting cheaper it looks like)

From the pictures that Tom’s Hardware took of the internals, it looks like a few more millimeters could be shaved from it’s width (maybe down to 50mm) and a bit from its length (maybe down to 80mm) by removing the outer plastic shell.

And it turns out Asus makes an 802.11g version of this gizmo, called the Asus WL330g Pocket Access Point.

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