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Here's me and my noisemakers. It's all rough cuts and such, some good some bad.
Playing at being a muso is amusing. It's great fun, everyone should try it.
If you hear anything you {like,hate}, let me know.
I'd appreciate useful criticism/ideas, especially with regards to song titles.

Everything on this page is (O) 1988-2001 Tod E. Kurt.

Thus far:

  (see further down for details)


26 Mar 2002

12 Feb 2002

12 Sep 2001

22 Jul 2001

19 Jul 2001

30 Apr 2001

13 Apr 2001
Fessyfoo rokit remix

12 Mar 2001
I've been trying to keep a promise to myself to create and record at least one new thing a week. I've failed, so here's this:

28 Feb 2001
Back in the Acid bath. I want to use it as a mixdown/bpm-sync tool. But, I didn't use it for that at first:

12 Feb 2001
To commemorate the triumphant return of my audio-laptop (ThinkPad a20p, woowoo!), I recorded a few past works. This day marks the first time I really ever let anyone ever listen to my stuff. I chose four close friends and tortured them with the following. Thanks guys for putting up with me.

As you can tell, I'm terrible at naming these things. Suggestions appreciated.

I also mastered off cassette a few things I did back in college. Out of an entire 60 minute tape, I could only find two things that didn't make me shudder with shame and disgust.

1 Jan 2001
Initial directory layout for music on my website, all in mp3 format.

So far, the only thing I've bothered to record is: