P900 and T-Mobile notes

I’m beginning the process of switching to T-Mobile (from Cingular), because “Tmo” has very cheap all-you-can-eat data plans: from free to $19.99, depending on the level of studliness you want.

I’ll be using a Sony-Ericsson P900.

There are apparently 4 different “Internet plans”:

  • $0.00 – “free/unlimited internet”, aka “basic WAP”
    “just ports 80 (web), 25 (smtp), 110 (pop3), 143 (imap). ”
    all others blocked (and some reports say only port 80 is allowed as of late 2003)
    access to the t-zone portal sites. NATed?
    uses APN ‘wap.voicestream.com’
  • $4.99 – “unlimited t-zones”, also aka “basic WAP”
    same as above, but access to t-zone portal
    uses APN ‘wap.voicestream.com’
  • $9.99 – “unlimited t-zones pro”
    same as above, but access to slightly different portal
    allows one to “access corporate email” ???
    uses APN ‘wap.voicestream.com’
  • $19.99 – “T-Mobile Internet Unlimited”
    no blocked ports, non-NATed too?
    uses APN ‘internet2.voicestream.com’
    Does ‘internet2’ represent a GPRS gateway and ‘wap’ a GSM gateway?

Calling their ‘data specialists’ was pointless. Comments in t-mobile howardforums are also very confused.

Some perhaps useful info gleaned tho, in rough order of usefulness:

  • “Definitive Internet/T-Zones plans post”. It gives current (Jan 2004) and historical definitions for the various T-Mobile Internet plans. Unfortunately,
    he calls everything ‘WAP’ and thus makes no distinction between GPRS and GSM.
  • Also by the same author: “How to configure WAP on Ericsson P800/900”
  • There is a T-Mobile Wireless Data Configurator that may be useful. Once you go through the ‘wizard’, it sends a magic SMS message with configuration information that’s supposed to ‘just work’.
  • Setting up a P800 on T-Mobile: http://www.howardforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=262715
  • Free WAP allowed ports”
  • thread about free wap
  • Outgoing SMTP mail server : “myemail.t-mobile.com”
  • “Internet2/Internet3 DNS settings”:
    • West DNS – Primary: , Alternate:
    • East DNS – Primary:, Alternate:
    • Central DNS – Primary:, Alternate:

    whatever the fuck that means, maybe ‘internet2.voicestream.com’?

  • “So for those of us who want to use the free data instead of paying $19.99, I understand the following change has to be made in our connection settings.
    • Previous with $19.99 plan: +CGDCONT=1,,”internet2.voicestream.com”
    • Now with FREE wap plan: +CGDCONT=1,,”wap.voicestream.com””

    The ‘internet2’ / ‘wap’ hosts are referred to as ‘apn’s. what is that?

  • Sony-Ericsson t68i settings with T-Mobile:
    T-Mobile Settings
    Configure for free WAP access:
    go to settings--->connect--->data comm
    add account GPRS
    preferred service=GPRS and GSM
    SMS access=GPRS
    configure APN as wap.voicestream.com
    no user id
    no password
    no IP address
    no DNS address
    Go to WAP Services
    enter a new profile
    configure to connect using GPRS from above
    IP address= (dots get entered automatically)
    No user ID
    no password
    data mode=conn. oriented
    chg homepage: select a page such as http://wap.voicestream.com
    If you call T-Mobile customer support, they can email you a file which
    will automatically configure these settings, but you may be on hold for awhile!
    Configure for unlimited internet access:
    go to settings--->connect--->data comm
    add account GPRS 2
    preferred service=GPRS and GSM
    SMS access=GPRS
    configure APN as internet2.voicestream.com
    no user id
    no password
    IP address= (dots get entered automatically)
    no DNS address
    set Bluetooth options as follows:
    mode-->operation mode=on or automatic
    make discoverable or pair with your computer if you haven't done so.
    set your computer or handheld to use bluetooth,
    "telephone number": *99***2#
    No account name or password.
    You should be able to connect.