Oct 092020

After using Python for a decade, I’ve decided to finally get better at it. I think diving into CircuitPython will be a nice scaled-down universe to learn to write concise “Pythonic” code. For hardware I’m using Adafruit’s new QT Py board and CircuitPython’s new ESP32-S2 support. And for a theme this month I want to do “spooky circuits”, sort of a callback to my Spooky Arduino class from 2006.

I’ve been working on a “QT Py Tricks” page on github, where I’m cataloging for myself how to do basic microcontroller things in CircuitPython, in the even more reduced footprint that the QT Py and Trinket M0 boards provide (they don’t have the extra flash space that enables about half of CircuitPython’s abilities, e.g. see the support matrix)

Here’s two of the spooky projects I have so far: a tiny fire simulation and a scary servo eyeball. For the code, check out the QT Py Tricks page. Stay tuned for more!

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  2. […] two more “Spoooky CircuitPython Circuits” using the QT Py board and purposefully small programs, part of my QT Py Tricks series. Go there for […]

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