Nov 142007

The various prototyping shields available for Arduino are a great, sturdy way to add a breadboard. The Boarduino is another nice way to securely attach an Arduino-like device to a breadboard. But if you already have an Arduino and a solderless breadboard, you can attach the two together with an amazing bit of open source technology called a rubber band.

It’s pretty friggen great.

You can get these small solderless breadboards from either or All Electronics. They’re about $5.

Run a few power and ground lines and you have a nice little prototyping infrastructure.

And then you can start doing some real circuits.

I can’t take credit for this innovation. As I was poking through the class notes for the Berkeley Tangible User Interfaces class, I noticed they use this method.

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  1. I knew I should have patented this! I actually had items in my cart from your previous prototyping board design and then I was like….why am I paying for something I can do myself for free?

  2. …and I thought I was being a low-tech cheapskate using sticky-back Velcro.

  3. Why didn’t I think of that?!?!?

    Hey Tod, quick question, what do you use to make your awesome diagrams, like this one from the boarduino+nunchuck post:

  4. Hi Chutzpah, I use Omnigraffle.

  5. nice trick there!

    (Omnigraffe: wow, nice program, one more reason to get a mac… wish they made nice looking software like this for windows…)

  6. Wow! I’ve had my Arduino rubber-banded onto my bread board since I got it several months ago. I was jealous of all the mini-breadboard shield owners.

    Thank you for validating me!

    Great PDF Arduino Notebook BTW!

  7. Hm, open source _rubber band_, eh? Care to share a source and price tag for these critters? SCNR.

  8. [...] Half-sized Breadboard – 400 connection points, plenty of room for beginner projects, with 2 power rails on the side. Can be rubber-banded to an Arduino to make a 1-penny devboard [...]

  9. Instead of rubber bands, I use some cut and bent paper clips that go through the bolt holes on the PCB and into the holes of my breadboard (I have a large board approx. 2.5x the size of the Arduino Duemilanove), so my Ard. is securely mounted and I have loads of prototyping room. – Check out my Arduino traffic lights! :-D

  10. Those bent paperclips are a great idea!

  11. Wow
    that is cool!

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